Frequently Asked Questions
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Will I Be Charged Monthly?
No! Currently we do not offer any monthly subscriptions. All purchases are single-purchase for lifetime access online.
Are The Lessons Available For Download?
No! Lessons are only available online through the Members Area.
Once you purchase an online course you will automatically have INSTANT ACCESS.

Once your email has been verified and you are registered on our system every purchase you make, after the first initial purchase, will have INSTANT ACCESS.
I Paid With PayPal And I'm Having Trouble Logging In
When you pay with PayPal you will receive an email to your PayPal email address. Please check your inbox for your PayPal email address and follow the instructions.
Members Area - I Don't See My Purchased Lesson(s)
If for some reason you visit the Members Area and do not see your purchased lessons, simply log out and then log back in to refresh your account and then you should be able to access your newly purchased lessons.

Please note: Some of the Lessons have Time-Released content and each day will unlock more and more content for you. You can wait 24 hours and see if more content shows up.

If you do not see the lessons you purchased when you log-in then please submit a Support Ticket and we will be happy to assist you!
How Do I Register For An Account?
When you purchase an online course from us you will receive a Registration E-Mail that will be delivered to the E-Mail address that you provide during the purchase process.
Occasionally E-Mail we send you might end up in your SPAM box instead of your INBOX. Please check both your INBOX and SPAM box for the E-Mail. Please allow up to 24 hours for the E-Mail to be delivered, we send the E-Mail during the purchase process however occasionally E-Mails get delayed beyond our control. If after 24 hours you still do not receive the E-Mail then submit a Support Ticket and we will get you taken care of.
How Do I Reset My Password?
Navigate to the Members Login area and scroll down the page and click on "Forgot Password?" and you will be emailed instructions on how to reset your password!
Facebook Student Group - How Do I Join?
When purchasing a lesson that qualifies for the Facebook Student Group you will be emailed instructions on how to join the group.

After you submit your request to join the Facebook Student Group one of our Facebook Group Admins must approve your request and then you will have access to the group.

PLEASE NOTE: This process could take from a couple of hours up to a few days so please be patient. If you do not get added within 3 days please submit a Support Ticket.
Contacting Support
Our support staff is working round the clock to resolve any issue you might be having with Stay The Course. Please submit a ticket if you are in need of assistance and one of our support staff members will be in contact with you as soon as possible!

Click the "Help?" Icon at the bottom right of your window to contact support!
Support Ticket
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